1990 Rolls Around

Once the 90s rolled around Ray Ban glasses were in decline. Many of the younger generation began to gravitate toward other brands such as Oakley. By 1999 Bausch and Lomb sold the name to an Italian company named Luxottica for $640 million.

Around 2007 Ray Ban began to rise once again as a major competitor within the sunglasses market. Ray Ban used YouTube to promote a video called Never Hide. This video encouraged viewers to live their lives without fear or regret. A new revolution featuring the Ray Ban product was introduced. The Ray Ban product saw a brief resurgence in film but it has enjoyed its former success. Ray Ban is now being reintroduced back into the market and a whole new culture has sprung up around this sunglasses brand.

The Modern Culture of Ray Ban

Ray Ban has become a big hit with many audiences all over the world. In March of 2011 the Ray Ban culture was already in full swing and millions of people around the globe gathered in places such as Istanbul, Paris and Austin. Ray Ban now uses social media to reach out to the modern generation of followers and they are responding. Luxottica also hosts concerts and public gatherings for their sunglasses. They have introduced the Ray Ban Light Ray and the Ray Ban Cats series.

The introduction of pink, blue and green lenses helps to make the new Ray Ban glasses to stand out from the competition. People can now accessorize and use their glasses to make a fashion statement. The new color lenses helps to diversify the sunglasses giving them more of a mass appeal to audiences everywhere.

Luxottica also includes their audiences with their brand. Fans have been known to stream themselves with the Ray Ban line to live audiences. As you can see, Ray Ban is more than just a simple brand it is a part of a new movement.

Many modern pop, rock and EDM stars are joining in and supporting the Ray Ban revolution. These individuals promote the glasses to the masses who follow their music and style. Since they have so much influence many people listen to what they have to say about the Ray Ban brand and the products they have to offer. The article was made possible by vancouver photobooth rental.

December 11, 2015

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Clothing Accessory

Sunglasses are a clothing accessory that is commonly worn by millions of people all over the world. The primary reason why people wear sunglasses is to block out the sunlight. However, people wear their “shades” as a fashion statement and as a way to display their status. People also sport sunglasses when they want to hide their eyes from the public or when they want to be identified with a particular group. This is especially true for consumers who flock to Ray Ban sunglasses. A whole entire sub-culture of Ray Ban followers has recently sprung up and they are growing stronger as each year passes.

What’s so Special About Ray Ban?

There are a lot of popular sunglasses in the market today that consumers can choose to wear. Brands such as Prada, Oakley and Maui Jim provide stiff competition against Ray Ban. Even though this is the case, Ray Ban products have more than enough consumer appeal to remain competitive within the sunglasses market.

So what is so special about Ray Ban sunglasses? These sunglasses are more than just a pair of shades they are a part of a cultural movement that is currently expanding all over the globe. Yes, a Ray Ban sunglasses culture does exist. The people that are involved within this movement understand its importance and relevance in modern times. Before we take a look at the Ray Ban movement we should look check out the history of these glasses and how they have achieved their legendary status.

The History of Rayban Sunglasses began in 1937 when founders Bausch and Lomb first created them. Bausch and Lomb were inspired to create the glasses after treceiving an inquiry from a former Army Lieutenant General named John MacCready to make a special pair of glasses to protect his pilot’s eyes from the sun. The first pair of Rayban sunglasses were designed to prevent and to reduce headaches and nausea experienced by pilots.

Keep in mind that the original pair of Rayban’s were first produced in 1936 before they were released to the markets in 1937. The glasses were made specifically for aviation pilots that fought in WWII. The original Rayban’s were known as Anti-Glare and the frames were made out of plastic. The sun glass units had green lenses and could cut out the glare without obscuring a pilot’s vision. The following year in 1937 they were renamed the Aviator by Ray-Ban and in Bausch and Lomb patented the glasses within the same year.

The commercial version of the Aviator was successful and later within that same year Ray Ban released the “Outdoorsman”. However, it was not until 1952 that Ray Ban had released the Wayfarer. This particular model had plastic frames and it became a big success with the Hollywood crowd. The glasses were worn by some actors such as James Dean in his film Rebel Without a Cause. Many Hollywood celebrities wore the glasses to movie premieres and whenever they made public appearances. They also put on the sunglasses when they went out for a night on the town. Once the Hollywood crowd took to the glasses many more people started to follow suit.

During the 1950s Ray Ban glasses were all the rage. Marilyn Monroe wore them and so did Bob Dylan. People everywhere wanted to wear these glasses and mimic the famous personalities that were sporting them. Ray Ban glasses were extremely popular and the first subculture sprang up around these shades. The glasses started to receive placement deals during the late 60s when they were still at the height of their popularity. The G-15 green and gray lenses were also released to the public during the 50s and they also helped to define how sun glasses appeared to the public during this time period.

While Ray Ban sunglasses enjoyed success during the late 60s they started to go out of style. By the 1970s Ray Ban glasses were no longer in style and the demand for these glasses waned for most of the 70s decade. The glasses enjoyed a temporary resurgence during the early 80s but they were not as popular as they were during the 50s and 60s.




December 11, 2015

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Price and Sizes

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My friend left me in the table without notice but I did not bother him. As I was planning to go to the counter to clear my bills,the attendant who had catched my eyes passed by. I knew opportunity only comes once and I had no reason to waste time.At first she thought that I wanted to make another order little knowing that this time round was a special order and request. I told her how much I was interested to have her in bed and I could not believe my ears when she told me that she had already noted.She accepted my proposals with passion and I felt a favored one. That is when I realized that rayban sunglasses can do wonders.

Anytime you choose to buy rayban sunglasses, it is important for you consider the following factors:

Quality assurance and durability

The sunglasses should be of high quality. It is important to note that some companies sell vague rayban sunglasses. It is therefore more wiser to go for the company that sells original rayban sunglasses that will always make you look royal anytime you put on them. The sunglasses should be made of strong materials .This will boost its durability in a big way.

Prices and sizes

Financial budget is very important as far success in every field is concern. It is very important for you to go for the rayban sunglasses that favors your financial status. The sizes of the sunglasses you choose should fit you. Fitting sunglasses will cater for your tastes and preferences fully.

It is evident that that rayban sunglasses has seen the residents of los Angeles and South California at large live a smart life. Choose to buy one pair today and enjoy the amazing side of the rayban sunglasses. the reason i saw the add for the store in the first place was because of the beachwood marketing company add. They are the best internet marketing company in Los Angeles. I see there advertisements everywhere.

December 3, 2015

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Through the Eyes of the beholder

I am one of the residents in the Los Angeles. On that note, I have my personal experience and a amazing story that rayban sunglasses has seen me through. Here is the story.

It is the desire of all human beings on earth to have ultimate sexual pleasure. Sex makes one complete and healthy. The need of sex has raised an alarm globally. This has attracted the attention of many researchers to investigate more information about sex. Psychological report confirms that sex is one the most basic needs.This means that human beings can’t do without sex unless otherwise. I am one of people who value quality sex. On that note, I like reading sex and erotic stories that uplifts my spirits always.As I was going through some erotic stories, I came along Erotic Los Angeles stories. The stories are amazing and moving to an extend that I got interested to visit city to enjoy quality sex that other men have been enjoying.

I marked the day to visit Los Angeles in my calendar. I gathered all the necessary requirements that could sustain me in city. After I was done with preparations, I waited for the day to arrive eagerly. Seconds passed by making minutes and minutes making hours and finally the day arrived. I woke up very early in the morning to take of to los Angeles city. My journey was sexual pleasure oriented and you can guess what I felt inside my heart. For once I felt that I will make my sexual dreams of my life a reality. I put on my rayban sunglasses and took off to. Los Angeles.

It took me a couple of hours before I landed at Los Angeles. Like any other missionary,I had a mission to fulfil that is to quench my thirst for sex. I am one of the people who adapts the new place not forgetting that making new friends is part of my hobbies. I interacted with a friend who was nearby.I asked him if he minds to accompany me to a five star hotel located at the centre of the city. The man replied “no” and he came with me to the hotel.

As soon as were seated in the comfy chairs, a hotel attendant approached us to take our orders. The attendant was a short sexy lady who had a perfect figure 8 .She had sexy eyes and excellent natural air. She had put on rayban sunglasses that made her look like a queen. My mission was all about sex and I could see the lady naked.We ordered coffee to keep us busy because in the wall I saw a notice that idlers were not tolerated and I feared to be kicked out because I rarely accommodate embarrassments.

As we took our coffee, I noted that my new friend’s mood had changed completely. The man had realized that I was already interested with a lady who gave us excellent services in the hotel. Believe me you, my friend was a gay and he had personal interests about me. He came near me and looked into my eyes . We stared at each other like robots waiting to be instructed for a while. The man broke the silence and told me how he had strong sexual feelings about me. He told me how he had admired my rayban sunglasses at a distance. He said the sunglasses made me look sexy.

As I was about to leave he invited me to join him into a limo service burbank airport bound. He kept going on about how he had an amazing house in San Diego and he wanted me to invite friends and fly down with him. I was so tempted but I knew it was a bad idea. I would just be thinking about the girl the whole time and wouldn’t enjoy my time down there anyways.

November 25, 2015

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Cruising The Town

Touring the museums

Well equipped museums have been established in San Diego. The museums have all what it takes to be excellent museums. The old materials, animals and even early men are preserved well for future generations. Visiting the museum while in your rayban sunglasses not only entertain but it will also give you a golden opportunity to learn the history. History plays a key role in any society. Getting acquainted with the past will make you appreciate it nd learn ways on how to improve the future.

Visiting the beaches

Beaches are the best places to get ultimate pleasure. The beaches in San Diego are located in a conducive environment. This makes the place relevant for peace of mind restoration. After work frustration beaches are the right places to spend nice moments. Most people who visit the beaches always put on rayban sunglasses.


Swimming is one of the famous hobby in the world. The swimming pools in San Diego are well maintained. The pools are clean and clear. This makes swimming easy and enjoyable. The games in the swimming pools are also available to avoid monotony in the pool. This will see you stay in the swimming pool long enough to your satisfaction. You can swim perfectly even when in your rayban sunglasses.


Travelling to different places while in your classes is quite enjoyable. Venturing to new places will help you get full knowledge on diverse cultures. You will also get a chance to appreciate beautiful features, classic buildings and appealing landscapes in South California.

Visiting big hotels and restaurants

A good number of classic hotels and restaurants have been established in San Diego. The hotels and restaurants have variety of delicious readily made food. Different types of drinks are also available in the hotels and restaurants. You have independence to choose the drink of your taste be it peer products, juice or tea. The hotels have enough rooms to accommodate their visitors as long as they wish. rayban sunglasses makes one feel royal when in the hotels and restaurants.

Taking photographs

It is very important to take photos while in your rayban sunglasses in any new place you choose to go. Photographs are the best future references . Taking photos in San Diego will make your album amazing and interesting to look at. Photos will also give you chance to analyse and take note of the changes in the country.

Library visit

Library is a source of Knowledge. Libraries in San Diego are well equipped. All the reference books are always available. Inspiring novels are many. Visiting the library to undertake research will not only give you pleasure but you will also gain knowledge. Most people in Los Angeles put on sunglasses while going to the libraries especially during the weekends.

Participating in games

There so many types of games in los Angeles. Physical exercise makes your body fit and free from opportunistic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension among others. It also sharpens your mind and foster creativity. Sporting activities brings a sense of competition hence enjoyment. Most people in los Angeles normally put on rayban sunglasses especially when the sun is very hot.


There are a good number of shopping malls in los Angeles while in their rayban sunglasses. The prices are affordable and pocket friendly. With your little savings you can buy all your basic requirements and live a comfortable life.

November 17, 2015

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Rayban’s Amazingness

The Amazing Rayban Sunglasses.

Rayban sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses ever seen on earth. The sunglasses have amazing features and this have seen the life of many people in Southern California enjoyable. The sunglasses not only prevent one from the direct light from the sun which might endanger your life but it also add the aesthetic value to the physical appearance of and individual making one look appealing and adorable.

Travelling is one of the famous hobbies in the world. Most people like in Los Angeles like venturing new places when on a vacation or any other free time. This gives them a golden opportunity to look at the amazing creatures that God made live rather than learning them theoretically of which it is not practical as such.They normally put on their rayban sunglasses whenever they travel .They also carry their executive camera full of power in your touring bag. Taking photos when travelling in Los Angeles in your rayban sunglasses is one of key things you should prioritize. Photos are the perfect reference and concrete exhibits of the places you have visited. Filling your album with amazing photos will make it interesting to look at. The album will always entertain your visitors.

There are some many activities and wonderful places you can take amazing photos in your sunglasses when on your photo tour in Los Angeles and southern California at large. Some of these places involves;

The National park

The national park is one of the places you can take the best photos. Taking photos when in your rayban sunglasses in the national park will see you get nice profile pictures. Visiting the national park will also give you a golden opportunity to take photos of different kinds of animals. You will get a chance to take photos of animals such as Lion, monkey and Baboons among others. Taking photos in the park is free of charge provided you pay the entry ticket unless you are interested in hiring the park photographers. If you hire them you will be required to pay some amount to cater for the photos. Photos taken in the park are always attractive and appealing.It is the desire of everyone on earth to see the wild animals either live or in photos. You can sell the photos to those who did not get a chance to visit the park and earn yourself good pocket money. You can also place the photos on your wall at home as ornaments.The photos will add aesthetic value to your house making it adorable.

The mountains and natural features.

The mountains in Los Angeles are the relevant places to take photos while in your rayban sunglasses. In the mountains,you will get a chance to take photos of different natural features.Waterfalls are part of the natural features.Photos which are taken behind a waterfall are always attractive.Such photos will always give you an excellent memory on your tour to the waterfalls.You will always get a chance to take photos of the rainforest. Rainforests are ever green making the environment very clean.Taking photos in such a green environment will make your album interesting to look attractive especially those you take after putting on the rayban sunglasses.



November 14, 2015

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